Everyday noise damage

Noise-induced hearing loss can be reduced significantly by wearing effective protection.

Alternatively, where you can, use only equipment with the lowest decibel output. Especially at home.

Request a hearing check if you think you have been affected.

Ask for an immediate hearing test

Decibels in the home

Invest in ear defenders if you expect to engage in noisy DIY projects at home. Consider the decibel levels shown opposite. For example...
don’t spend too long vacuum cleaning, and consider ear defenders for any activity above those in noise levels.

TIP: Read the label for noise output on DIY and home electricals.

Defend your ears - at work

DON’T work in noisy environments without suitable protection.

Seek advice from your employer on noise levels and controls to avoid hearing damage.

Most responsible employers involving noisy work environments will offer protection as a matter of course.

But do establish the level of potential damage by finding out what decibel levels exist, to ensure that the issues for hearing impairment are adequately addressed.

Damage may arise from noise levels as well as frequencies, from overall background noise as well as sudden bursts of noise from impact-related processes.

Some employers may even arrange for annual hearing checks for vulnerable employees.

Find out and, if not provided, ensure that you take it upon yourself to book yourself annual appointments.

We can diary this for you, free of charge, and organize it for you.