Driving, hearing and BEYOND

Road noise - in-car stereo - advice from back-seat drivers - all processed better thanks to the new hearing solution from Widex.

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The "rear-view" hearing solution

The standard eye test includes a check to make sure your eyesight is good enough to enable you to drive safely. Ahead, as well as in the rear-view mirror.

But how many times do you find good hearing comes to the rescue?

Ask yourself:

  • do you always hear emergency vehicle sirens early enough?
  • if you use satellite navigation, is it loud enough?
  • or if dependent upon passenger navigation, do you occasionally miss a turn?

If "YES", call for advice on the above number.

The wireless car journey

Driver-less cars will soon be the norm we are told.

Wireless car journeys are already here - and BEYOND.

Widex have long since provided wireless hearing aid solutions, now developed to the highest level of enhanced connectivity with iPhone.

They won't make your car go faster - but journeys may seem shorter. That's down to better enjoyment of in-car entertainment. And perhaps good conversation.

BEYOND also makes phone calls easier, and safer.

Call, or complete the form opposite for a no-obligation free two-week trial. Test-drive BEYOND.

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