BEYOND quieter moments

Silence is golden. But how do you know? Experience delicate textures of sound with BEYOND.

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Enjoy the sound of silence

You only need hearing aids to hear sounds louder, right?

Wrong. Leastways, not always.

bloomâ„¢ - and Widex - take a very modern approach of addressing hearing loss. For everybody.

As we move into an era where we can enjoy renewed active life, but at a slower pace, our need to maintain good hearing takes on a new meaning.

Sometimes this means adjusting to quiet and calming activities.

Capture the moment every time

We might decide to take up pilates or yoga. Even outdoors. Our hearing aids acclimatise to that - then adjust for coffee in a busy cafe afterwards.

It also means savouring the sound of silence - soft sounds like the rustle of leaves or lapping of waves on the shore.

That's where BEYOND hearing aids come in - adjusting to the environment around you to filter through sound you still want to enjoy.

Experience better hearing the way you want to - contact bloomâ„¢ today.

Catch every sound

...even in your quieter moments.
And with the latest discreet fittings, Widex BEYOND hearing aids have actually become fashionable for the more discerning.