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Please complete the form below for a free home trial of the DAILY hearing aid (which does NOT commit you to purchasing.)

Enjoy better hearing in all your familiar surroundings. First.

After two weeks if you do not wish to proceed to purchase - for whatever reason - simply return them to us.

If you do decide to keep them, The DAILY 50 is £745 and the DAILY 100 is £1,595 - for a two hearing aid package.

This includes the full range of free servicing and lifetime aftercare. More here...about the bloom promise.

Hear better with both ears

We take it for granted that we need both ears to hear properly.

It's logical, therefore that you wear two hearing aids. Even if you think you hear well enough in one ear, that is very often not completely true.

A pair of Widex DAILY 100 cost £1,595 - making them more affordable than many hearing aids that deliver less quality sound.

You can also tailor them to your individual circumstances. A taster of what optional extras can deliver is shown opposite.

But these features can be demonstrated before your free trial, and put through their paces for two weeks. Or try the DAILY 50 @ £745 for two.

DAILY 50 hearing aids

£395 for one; £745 for two

Compatible with Widex DEX

bloom™ hearing introduce a quality hearing solution at a price you can afford. 

Not only does DAILY 100 perform well, it is discreet, available in a wide range of colours and fittings, and has additional scope when combined with the Widex DEX system.

DEX is the brand name for a range of accessories you can add on for a more versatile hearing solution. But only if you want to.

The TV DEX is just one example. It sends TV sound direct to your hearing aids.

With the DAILY 100 technology is available for mobile phones and other everyday media.

It also accepts the Zen programme for helping you cope if you suffer from tinnitus.

DAILY 100 hearing aids

£845 for one; £1,595 for two

Catering for individual needs

Unlike hearing solutions with limited features, DAILY can restore your hearing in the situations you need it most. Your situations.

The key to this is the free consultation with our local bloom™ hearing specialist.

Ask for a personal assessment today, after which you can take a TWO-WEEK free trial. Wear DAILY in the home - wear them wherever you go.

More people are choosing a free trial. Witness for yourself how DAILY opens up the new world of hearing clearly.

If you don't feel ready to buy - for whatever reason - simply return them after two weeks.

To arrange a free trial, or for more details, give us a call or email us.

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At bloom™, we strongly believe that "hearing is believing".

Our hearing specialists can explain and demonstrate all the features of the DAILY hearing aid, but there is nothing like experiencing them for yourself.

That's why we invite you to apply for a free two-week trial, opposite.

Compare it to a test drive of a new car. You put it through its paces the way you like to drive, the type of journey you take - such as on the motorway or in the town - and you test it for comfort.

The same principles apply for hearing aids. The difference is that we give you two weeks.

That's plenty of time to see how your life improves in all your daily circumstances and situations - from a noisy town centre to the quiet of your living room watching TV.

After two weeks if you are not ready to buy - that's fine. Simply return them to us, no questions asked.

As one satisfied customer commented:

"Benefited immensely from <the bloom™> free product trial which lead me to seeing a real benefit to my health over time."

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