UNIQUE Hearing Aids

Widex went to the polar icecaps to put an end to wind noise in their UNIQUE hearing aid.

The same technology also works well for a walk in the park! In all weathers.

...or on the golf course, or on a cruise, or on a gusty day in the shopping centre...

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You can even hear people talking
or nature's sounds from a distance

Widex UNIQUE introduces a new standard for how clear and pure you can hear words and sounds in any surrounding.

Whether you are watching TV, go for a walk on the beach or enjoy the good company of friends and family at a restaurant you will experience the best speech recognition, sound capture and wind tolerance in a hearing aid ever.

The hearing aids have a more clear delivery of both high and low sounds.

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Sound from highs to low, from loud to the very quiet.
Experience it
in a two week trial.

No other hearing aid can provide you with such a wide range of comfortable, clear sounds.
UNIQUE will reduce unwanted soft sounds but keep soft sounds like people talking quietly.

Surrounded by loud sounds? Unique will separate speech from noise automatically. Experience it in your two week free trial.
UNIQUE hearing aids will always adapt to any situation you find yourself in.

Outdoors it significantly reduces wind noise. You will be able to take a stroll in the park and chat to friends easily. Ask for a free trial.

Unique Plus hearing aids

£1,395 for one; £2,395 for a pair

Unique Advanced ranges

Unique 220: £3,195 a pair; 330: £3,645 a pair 

Unique Premium range

Unique 440: £2,545 for one; £4,195 a pair

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Captures the best sound in the industry

Capture the best sound the industry has ever delivered. Enjoy sound input creating clear and distortion-free speech understanding. It even works in very noisy environments.

No need to go to the ends of the earth to find a perfect hearing solution.

Widex has done that for you.

Perhaps you are sweeping up leaves in the garden, taking a shot on a breezy 9th hole or rambling in the countryside.

The ability to listen out for the doorbell, hear “Fore!” on the 18th tee or have a conversation with fellow walkers – all in windy situations – is not a problem with UNIQUE.

Preventing distortion in demanding situations

We’ve put our new hearing aid through the roughest tests to prevent distortion in demanding situations.

No surprise then that it works just as well in front of the TV.

Great for indoor activities as well
It’s no secret that, as we get older, more of our socialising often takes place indoors.

That said, it’s comforting to know that hearing aid manufacturers like Widex go to extreme measures to produce a solution that is so advanced, so adaptable, that it helps you enjoy more activities, indoors and out.

That’s just one feature making this hearing solution truly “UNIQUE”. Widex really put UNIQUE through its paces.

A virtually hidden hearing solution

By applying such attention to detail, Widex pack all this technology, all this perfection in clear sound delivery, into hearing aid fittings that are virtually invisible when worn.

For men, it can be important - especiallly when devices fitted behind the ear ("BTE" fitting) remain undetected. 

This is apparent especially as we get older – where hearing loss and hair loss often go hand in hand.

Ladies too comment on how discreet the UNIQUE size and shape means that even closest friends do not notice them when worn.

You can even choose what colour you want - to suit complexion or hair colour.