Unique 110 hearing aid

The hearing solution to make you smile at a price you can afford.

Part of the bloom "Plus" series, they suit those who socialise just a few times a week.

You hear better in small groups and mildly noisy environments like church meetings, or family gatherings at home. It also prioritises loudness comfort in noisy places.

Take a free home trial and hand them back after two weeks if, for any reason, you don't want to proceed.

There is no pressure to buy, but if you do, the Unique 110 is £2,295 for two.

Complete with free servicing and aftercare for life.

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Affordable hearing for a Unique sound

The right solution if you are looking for affordable technology and everyday performance. Price isn't everything. See the bloom™ promise.

  • Automatically adapts to deliver better hearing in a variety of different listening situations
  • Comfortable sound delivery in quiet and noisy environments
  • Soft sounds and speech are heard clearly - restoring a level of clarity for improved understanding in everyday situations

This level of performance - in the entry-level Unique 110 - was available just a few short years ago in Premium range hearing aids costing a lot more.

Unique 110 in a full range of fittings

Designed for comfort as well as invisibility, this hidden hearing solution comes in a variety of styles and colours.

It's your choice.

The free two-week trial is an option after an initial demonstration. 

It's a low-cost range - but if you are an experienced hearing aids wearer it may feel like a more expensive solution.

Your choices include finance options to spread the cost, as well as additions of DEX accessories to extend your hearing experiences even further.