High quality performance

This technology level falls into the Advanced category - priced at £1,795 for one, and £3,095 for two hearing aids.

These will suit you if you have an active lifestyle, including hearing well in noisy situations.

Improving speech understanding at a comfortable sound level, against background noise, is a key function.

Using the DEX features, being able to hear phone calls - in BOTH ears - is a real advantage.

Ask about the full value-for-money servicing and aftertcare package, when you request a free home trial.

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Unrivalled WIDEX sound for the price

If you insist on a value-for-money, then the Unique 220 could be the one for you.

Key features include:
  • Automatically adapts to your listening environment in 3 different sound situations.
  • Comfort and natural sound is delivered in quiet and noise.
  • Soft sounds and speech are heard clearly - making conversations in background noise a much more pleasant experience.

In a Unique 220 bloom package

Excellence and WIDEX have always sat well together.

It's all about NATURAL sound, rather than mere sound amplication alone that seems sufficient for inferior brands. The bloom™ promise of excellent service - from the initial consultation to final fitting, and beyond - complete the equation.

The Advanced range also features the Unique 330...here.