Ultimate performance

This Premium range hearing aid manages sound in the most challenging situations. Whilst maintaing a rich, natural sound quality it can cope with difficult sound environments.

(These might include large busy restaurants, open workplaces, live concerts and football matches.)

After analysing the environment, they optimise the hearing aid settings for better speech understanding. As well as listener comfort.

A two week free trial will be sufficient for you to put the Unique 440 through all its paces.

There is no pressure to buy. Simply call to speak to an adviser.

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UNIQUE 440 - unique in every sense

If you are already an experienced hearing aid wearer, you may demand the most sophisticated technology without compromise, with:

  • Automatically adapts to listening environments in 9 different sound situations.
  • Comfort, clarity and natural sound in quiet, noisy and even stormy weather. 
  • Speech and other sounds are easy to hear even outdoors - on the golf course, at sea on a cruise - or simply in windy shopping centres.
  • Better understanding of the direction of sounds and their origin.
  • Music can be heard in crisp and clear detail. Compare this with other settings to see what suits you best.
  • Improved telephone conversation - especially when combined with DEX for mobiles.
  • Soft sounds and speech are heard clearly - perfect for low sound environments where voices need to remain at low volume.

Arguably the best hearing aid ever

If you already find that your hearing is not at a level it once was, then you will also begin to understand where and when it affects you most.

Hearing aid technology does not stand still. Nor does your hearing as you get older.

Fortunately, hearing solutions can usually be found to compensate for this.

Whilst that does not mean you need to invest in the most expensive solution, it is reasonable to expect manufacturers - like WIDEX - to showcase how far they have advanced towards addressing everything you ever need in a hearing aid.

Hence the Unique 440 - at £2,445 for one; and £3,995 for two.

If you are in any doubt what the 440 can achieve, a two-week trial is a must. With any top-end model, insist on the service you can expect from the bloom™ promise.