Our Affiliates

Here at bloom, we have many partnerships with different companies and organisations to help you get access to the best in hearing aid technology

Health and Care Professionals Council
All of our Hearing Aid Audiologists at bloom hearing specialists are registered with HCPC. This means that our Hearing Aid Audiologists meet the highest of standards in knowledge, performance, conduct and proficiency. By having all of our hearing specialists registered, it means that you can have the peace of mind that we are dedicated to our profession and have a commitment to you.
Blue Light & Defence Discount Service
We have a partnership with Blue Light and Defence Discount Service to be able to provide a discount on our hearing aids for those who are in the National Health Service, the Emergency Services and Armed Forces. The Defence Discount is also available for Veterans and their families. We are proud to offer all members of Blue Light and Defence Discount Service a 10% discount on our hearing aids.
British Tinnitus Association
We are happy to say that we support the British Tinnitus Association with raising the awareness of tinnitus and the effects that tinnitus can have on individuals. As hearing specialists, we understand that the effects of tinnitus can be frustrating and have a massive impact on your day-to-day life, which is why we support events such as Tinnitus Week by BTA that helps to raise awareness. 
Veterans Hearing Support
Here at bloom hearing specialists, we are proud to say that we work in partnership with Veterans Hearing Support that helps Veterans get access to hearing aids by funding them in alliance with the Royal British Legion.