We are supporting our veterans to help them hear better again

in association with Veterans Hearing Support

If you served in the UK Forces and now have a hearing loss then we can help you access The Royal British Legion's Veterans Hearing Fund

In association with Veterans Hearing Support we can help you access The Royal British Legion's Veterans Hearing Fund, which was set up in 2015 to help provide compensation for those who have suffered with service related hearing loss. This means you could receive top-of-the-range hearing solutions, such as the Widex EVOKE or Signia Styletto Connect and a range of assistive listening devices to help you hear better again. If you already have hearing aids but they are no longer effective, then you can also apply.

Who are Veterans Hearing Support?

Just like us, Veterans Hearing Support understand the importance of good hearing health and how impactful a hearing loss can be - not just on the veterans themselves but also their family, friends and work colleagues. When you suffer with a hearing loss it can really affect your quality of life, even more so when it comes to social interactions, relationships, job prospects and mental health and well being.

By working alongside The Royal British Legion to promote the Veterans Hearing Fund, they work with veterans to give them the very best information and advice about their hearing. They will cover all the options and guide them through the application process as smoothly and efficiently as possible, in order to achieve what we hope will be a successful outcome.

How does it work?

The Royal British Legion Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF) provides support for those veterans, both regular and reservist, who acquired a hearing loss or impairment during their service. In many cases the NHS is not able to provide the most appropriate and up to date hearing technology to support quality of life and well being, including:

  • assistive listening devices
  • assistive listening therapies
  • lip reading
  • tinnitus support

The VHF, in line with the Armed Forces Covenant and the principle of "no disadvantage", provide an opportunity to access these technologies and therapies, to those who have lost hearing in the course of their service. This could mean providing the latest discreet CIC (Completely In Canal) hearing solutions, wireless assistive devices to link hearing aids to household items such as your TV or mobile phone, or a lip-reading or tinnitus course.

Because it's all about minimising disadvantage and making everyday life easier for the veteran and their families.

What is the application process?

The Veterans Hearing Fund application process is in two stages.

Stage 1 Eligibility

The first stage assesses the veteran’s eligibility for funding.

For The Royal British Legion to determine eligibility the veteran must complete a Stage 1 Eligibility Form and where applicable, provide any documented evidence of hearing loss such as:-

  • War pension AFCS award for hearing loss
  • Lump sum payment for hearing loss
  • Applied for compensation for your hearing loss, however although refused, it was accepted that the hearing loss was acquired during Service
  • Provided hearing aids by the MOD
  • Have service medical records that show hearing loss

Applicants who do not have any of the evidence listed above or do not have a copy of their Service Medical records must complete a Subject Access Request form (SAR) which is submitted to the appropriate MOD Service Records Office. Veterans Hearing Support will provide all the required forms as well as full guide and support throughout the whole application process.

Stage 2

If The Royal British Legion panel approve the Stage 1 eligibility, Veterans Hearing Support will organise for our local Hearing Aid Audiologist to carry out a hearing assessment and complete with you the Stage 2 application form. These assessments are designed to truly understand your hearing, listening and communication abilities and from which we will recommend the right hearing solutions, assistive listening devices and therapies for you and your lifestyle. The Stage 2 application report will then be submitted by Veterans Hearing Support to The Royal British Legion for panel review.

If the Stage 2 application is approved, Veterans Hearing Support will then arrange with our Hearing Aid Audiologist to fit the recommended hearing solutions. Our support doesn't end there as we will continue to support you with our lifetime aftercare service.

At no point will the veteran be required to pay for anything, it is all covered by the Veteran Hearing Fund.

How do I apply?

Please get in contact with us on freephone 0800 612 7978 or complete the form below.

Our team will liaise with Veteran Hearing Support and if your application is successful then we'll arrange an appointment convenient to you for your free hearing assessment.

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