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20-08 2017

It is going to take a few weeks for your brain to re-adjust to hearing certain sounds again. We call this the Acclimatisation period and it varies from one person to another. Generally, the first 4 weeks are recognised as the mos...

What Is Sound? Blog bloom hearing

What is sound?

09-05 2017

Everyone has heard the term ‘sound waves’. This is actually how we hear.

audiologist check bloom hearing

What happens at a hearing appointment (it's not as scary as you might think)?

02-05 2017

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to better your hearing. Now you have your first appointment…. what can you expect?

2 is better than 1 bloom hearing

Two is better than one

25-04 2017

Similar to wanting to use both eyes, two ears are better than one.

ear health australia

6 common ear health conditions

18-04 2017

There is more to ear health than hearing loss. You use your ears every day, so it is no wonder your health can waver from time to time.

Diabetes and hearing loss

Are there any links between hearing loss and diabetes?

18-04 2017

In this blog post we explore the link between diabetes and hearing loss.

Do I Have Tinnitus?

11-04 2017

Are your ears buzzing or ringing?
It could be tinnitus.

"1 in 10 UK Adults has Tinnitus" Action On Hearing Loss 

04-04 2017

The buzzing, whistling, or clicking sounds of tinnitus are annoying enough during the day, but they can be exasperat...

Different types of hearing aids

Different types of hearing aids

04-04 2017

There are two main types of hearing aids; Behind-the-ear (BTE) and In-the-ear (ITE).

Wireless accessories

A whole world of wireless sound

28-03 2017

There are a range of accessories to work with your hearing aids to make everyday situations as easy as possible.

7 signs a loved one may be experiencing hearing loss

7 signs that someone you know has hearing loss

21-03 2017

Does your husband often miss what you are saying? Does your wife insist on turning the TV up too loud? Does a friend always ask you to repeat yourself?

It could be a sign of a hearing loss.

5 ways a hearing aid can help

5 ways a hearing aid can impact your life

14-03 2017

What do you think of when you hear the words 'hearing aid'? Big? Ugly? Only for old people?

smoking and hearing loss

Smoking Your Ears Away: The Impact of Cigarettes on Hearing Loss & Tinnitus

07-03 2017

Yes, your smoking habit might be the cause for your hearing loss and others around you. 

These 5 books on hearing loss prove that we’re all in this together

These 5 Books on Hearing Loss Prove That We’re All in This Together

01-03 2017

We have put together a collection of 5 books that everyone can use as conversation starters with their families and friends about hearing loss.