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Your ideas matter

Given that we are in the hearing business, it would be ironic if we did not listen!

Inviting feedback from customers makes sure bloom™ continue to improve its products and services.

If you are an experienced hearing aid wearer, your views are especially valuable. Sharing them with us is particularly welcome.

Continual training ensures bloom™ hearing specialists keep up to date with new developments and technology.

Not all hearing aid audiologists actually wear hearing aids, so they rely on your experiences to help others.

Please email us and we promise to listen!

First impressions?

Even if you are just looking into hearing aids for the first time, your initial experiences matter.

For some, wearing hearing aids is a a big step to start with. Help us to make that an easy step to take.

It's an industry where things are changing all the time.

bloom™ strive to match your expectations with good service and the right product.

Tell us where we succeed. Remind us where we don't.

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What we like to hear

All your comments matter. Compliments are a joy to receive, but ways to improve are equally important. Take the following as examples:

  • How do we compare? Share experiences you may have had with other national companies.
  • Any interesting stories on how regaining your hearing has improved everyday life?
  • Have you had a full hearing assessment? If so, what was the main benefit you got out of it?
  • Have you had a free trial? If so, what did you think? How did it help?
  • Any comments you care to make from contact with staff - at head office? at your local branch?

We do try to reply to all comments made. It helps if you include a daytime telephone number.