Hearing Aids

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Finding the right hearing aids can be easy!

Hearing aids are constantly evolving. They get smaller, feature new technology and offer new styles and colours. With so many options, it can sometimes make choosing the right hearing aids a bit challenging but here at bloom we provide you with a personalised hearing experience to find you the perfect hearing aids for your lifestyle and type of hearing loss.

Take back control of your hearing and rediscover the sounds that matter, the way you remember them, with us! 

Why should you wear a Hearing Aid?

Hearing loss can affect both you and your loved ones but getting it treated early is key. Hearing aids have several benefits to help you live life to the full including:
  • quiet and/or loud sounds become more comfortable to hear
  • being able to participate in conversations again
  • reduced background noise and interference
  • hearing music, phone calls and more effortlessly
  • watching TV at a comfortable level for those around you
  • reduced hearing related stress and discomfort

Our trusted team of Audiologists are here to help you choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes, to ensure you get the best hearing aid type for your level of hearing loss and lifestyle.

Hearing aids are now packed with several advanced features and high-tech modern technology to improve usability and sound quality, so you can enjoy all the benefits of personalised hearing.

Our hearing aids are changing lives for the better

Hearing aid brands and models

Here at bloom hearing specialists, we have hearing aids from top hearing care brands like Widex, Rexton and Signia. These feature cutting edge technology, including Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeability, in a variety of styles, fittings and colours.

Widex are committed to providing the most natural sound through advance technology and continuous growth on deep audiology understanding.

"We're making a promise that represents the ultimate achievement - Sound so natural people can forget about their hearing loss - Sound like no other

Rexton build and test their hearing aids to withstand extreme lifestyle conditions. So when you trust your senses to keep you safe, rely on Rexton to get the job done.

"We understand 'real-life' and what it means to be trusted - No matter what life throws at you, we won't let you down - You can rely on Rexton"

Signia are all about enhancing the lives of others, by being at the forefront of advance technology and encouraging customers to perform at their best.

"We seek to motivate and empower users - We're making a call to action to everyone with hearing loss to take action, to perform at their best, to Be Brilliant"

Hearing Aid Prices & Payment Plans

At bloom hearing specialists, we offer more than just hearing aids, as our complete hearing experience includes:

  • Free Hearing Tests
  • Free Home Visits
  • Free Hearing Aid Trial1
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee2
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Aftercare3

1. Available on most makes and models 2. Non-refundable nominal fee for custom tips/earmoulds 3. For the lifetime of the hearing aids