Hearing Aid Features

Have the power to stream phone calls, music and more from your devices straight to your hearing aids, and never have to worry about fiddly disposable batteries again...

Try bloom hearing aids yourself and enjoy all the benefits modern technology provides. Featuring the popular Bluetooth & rechargeable hearing aids, so you can enjoy life to the full.

No need for fiddly batteries as rechargeable hearing aids are convenient, easy to use and last all day.

Our range of discreet hearing aids are virtually invisible so no one will notice you are wearing them.

Bluetooth hearing aids allow you to wirelessly stream phone calls, music and more from your devices.

Whatever hearing aids you wear you can hear clearly again

Multi-functional hearing aids

With the constant evolving nature of modern technology, hearing aids are now packed with even more features than ever before!

Long gone are the days of the old chunky NHS models, as with smart technology, hearing aids now have the ability to be paired with digital devices so you can stream sound directly to your hearing aids from a mobile phone, ipad or TV when using Bluetooth or DEX accessories - making you in control of what you want to hear.

Now you can enjoy a personalised hearing experience with popular features like Bluetooth, wireless streaming, hands-free calls, tinnitus relief, rechargeable hearing aids and so much more!