Discreet Hearing Aids

What are discreet hearing aids?

When most people think of a hearing aid it's a BTE (Behind The Ear) that epitomises the look. While these are still very common (albeit far smaller and more stylish than the old NHS hearing aids you are probably picturing!) there are many discreet hearing aids now available.

Discreet can mean different things to different people but whether you want hearing aids that blend in with your hair colour or prefer something that no one can see, there is a discreet hearing aid for you. The key benefits for choosing discreet hearing aids are:
  • Size and colour
    Whether it is an RIC, CIC or IIC, our discreet hearing aids will be heard and not seen!
  • Comfort
    Lightweight and custom made, discreet hearing aids can be comfortably worn all day.
  • Advanced technology
    Available at range of technology levels you won't miss out on features and clear sound.

Are discreet hearing aids right for you?

If you're looking for a hearing aid that can't be seen then they are certainly the best option. CIC and IIC hearing aids are the smallest of all hearing aid fitting types and sit down in your ear canal so are very discreet. However their small size does mean they can be difficult to use if you have dexterity issues.

RIC hearing aids are easier to handle and very discreet too, so these could be a better option. Also these models tend to have more features and can be rechargeable.

Our hearing aid specialists can help you find the right discreet hearing aid for your needs. To arrange a free hearing assessment, contact our Customer Care team today.

Our most popular discreet hearing aids

Rexton MyCore inoX

Mild to moderate loss
Click Sleeve fitting
Smartphone app control
Accessories available

Widex Moment CIC

Mild to severe loss
Wireless audio streaming
Smartphone app control
Accessories available

What are the benefits of discreet hearing aids?

Size and colour
If you want something that is "invisible" then the CIC and IIC hearing aids are the smallest of all the fitting types. Both sit inside the ear canal but the IIC is slightly smaller and goes further in so all you "see" is the thin, clear removal handle.

If these are a little too small to handle then RIC hearing aids are also very discreet. They sit behind the ear but blend in very well as they are available in a range of colours to match your hair or skin tone. The only visible part is the clear receiver wire and that's pretty discreet too!

CIC and IIC hearing aids are custom made for you so they fit your ear canal perfectly and are comfortable to be worn all day. RIC hearing aids are very lightweight and the receiver and dome that sits inside your ear canal are also very comfortable.

Advanced Technology
For natural sounding clear hearing, discreet hearing aids are built using the latest technology. IIC and CIC hearing aids may have some less features due to how tiny they are so if you want benefits such as rechargeability then a discreet RIC hearing aid is for you.  

Want to find out more about discreet hearing aids?

If virtually invisible hearing aids are what you're looking for then our Customer Care team can help you find out more.