Completely In Canal (CIC) hearing aids

What is a Completely In Canal (CIC) hearing aid?

If discretion is an important factor when choosing hearing aids then Completely In Canal hearing aids could be the answer.

These tiny hearing aids are custom made using ear impressions, taken by our Hearing Aid Audiologists. The manufacturers then scan them to make a detailed 3D computer model so they can accurately build your CIC hearing aids. A perfect, comfortable fit is especially important as they are designed to sit further in your ear canal and are smaller and are much less visible than ITC hearing aids. In fact only the faceplate (where the microphones and battery door is) is partially visible along with a small, clear plastic removal handle. The faceplate can be made in a range of colours to match your skin tone and further "disappear".

As they are smaller than nearly all hearing aids (only the IIC fitting beats it for size), physical space is at a premium so they are most suitable for those with a mild to moderately severe hearing loss. 

Is a CIC hearing aid right for you?

Small, discreet and with the latest hearing aid technology - what's not to like about CIC hearing aids? There are certainly a lot of benefits to them but their size does mean they can't have the same amount of features as their larger ITE, BTE and RIC counterparts. Physical controls are very rarely included, although these can be replicated using a smartphone app or additional remote control. They are also better suited to people that have good dexterity.

Our Hearing Aid Audiologists can help find the right type of hearing aid for you so contact our Customer Care team to get your free hearing assessment arranged.

What are the benefits of CIC hearing aids?

Suitable for most types of hearing loss
CIC hearing aids can help a mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Comfortable fit
As they are custom made to fit inside your ear canal perfectly, CIC hearing aids are comfortable to wear all day.

Natural sound
Because they are placed further down the ear canal, CIC hearing aids benefit from the natural properties of the outer ear, including being able to localise sounds better.

More discreet
CIC hearing aids are one of the smallest hearing aids available and because they sit further in the ear canal than other fitting types they are very well hidden.

Less wind noise
Today's hearing aids are very good at reducing this in different ways, but CIC hearing aids are naturally better as the outer ear shields them from it.

Easy to control
While they may not have physical controls, CIC hearing aids can still be adjusted using a smartphone app or remote control. This only adds to their discreet nature!

Want to find our more about CIC hearing aids?

Find the right fitting type is important because you want to be comfortable wearing them, so contact our Customer Care team so see if CIC hearing aids are your best option!