In The Canal (ITC) hearing aids

What are In The Canal (ITC) hearing aids?

If you are looking for a smaller bespoke hearing aids that doesn't compromise on features or power then an In The Canal fitting could be ideal!

Like all other hearing aids that sit in the ear or ear canal, they are custom made for you using ear impressions and 3D computer models to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit. They have a number of colour options so can match your skin tone and blend in.

As the name implies, ITC hearing aids sit in the ear canal rather than the outer ear so are smaller and more discreet than ITE hearing aids. They can still deal with a mild to severe hearing loss and a volume control/program button may be available depending on the brand. Generally they can have the same range of technological features as their larger counterparts too.

Are ITC hearing aids right for you?

Custom hearing aids can be a great choice for many people and the smaller ITC fitting is no exception. Bespoke to your ear canal shape, ITC hearing aids are comfortable to wear all day and are more discreet than the larger ITE. They offer a wide range of technological features and can be powerful enough to help a severe hearing loss. They are still easy to handle although if you struggle with dexterity then a larger fitting type may be more suitable.

If you like the sound of ITC hearing aids then arrange a free hearing assessment by contacting our Customer Care team.

What are the benefits of ITC hearing aids?

Suitable for many types of hearing loss
A mild to severe hearing loss can be helped with ITC hearing aids.

Comfortable fit
Custom made to fit your ear canal perfectly, ITC hearing aids are comfortable to wear all day.

More features
Even though they are smaller than ITE hearing aids, they still have the space to include all the top technological features.

Extra connectivity
ITC hearing aids can have bluetooth connectivity which allows you to wirelessly stream calls, music and more from your phones, tablets, etc. A telecoil option for connecting to loop systems in theatres and banks can also be an option with some brands.

Easy to use
Not as small as CIC hearing aids are easy to fit and remove. They generally have some physical controls too for adjusting the volume or changing programs. In most cases a smartphone app will be available for extra control.

Rechargeable options
Once an option only for BTE or RIC hearing aids, rechargeability is available for ITC hearing aids from some brands. A single charge provides all day power then pop them into the charger overnight so they're ready in the morning.

Want to find our more about ITC hearing aids?

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