Rechargeable Hearing Aids

What are rechargeable hearing aids?

For many years, the only way to power hearing aids was through small, disposable zinc-air batteries. However as technology advanced and smaller,  longer-lasting rechargeable batteries were produced they became suitable for hearing aids. And as consumers have embraced rechargeable technology in their smartphones, headphones and many other devices, they are now doing the same with rechargeable hearing aids.

Using Lithium-Ion batteries, the same as in your smartphone, they are much more convenient that traditional batteries and have many benefits including:
  • Long lasting power
    Rechargeable hearing aids can keep you hearing all day even when streaming from Bluetooth devices.
  • Hassle free hearing
    No need to fiddle about with small batteries. Just pop them in their charger overnight and they are ready for you the next day.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Rechargeable batteries are a much greener option compared to recycling hundreds of disposable batteries over a hearing aid's lifetime.

Are rechargeable hearing aids right for you?

More and more hearing aids are becoming rechargeable which is a good thing for everyone. Traditionally these were BTE or RIC hearing aids but now ITE and ITC hearing aids have the benefits of rechargeability too. However this hasn't reached the smaller CIC and IIC hearing aids yet but no doubt that will happen very soon.

Having no removeable battery is also very helpful if you have any dexterity issues as all you do is pop them in their charger!

To find out more arrange a free hearing assessment with our hearing aid specialists by contacting our Customer Care team.

Our most popular rechargeable hearing aids

Signia Insio C&G AX ITC

Mild to severe loss
Wireless audio streaming
Smartphone app control
Accessories available

Widex Moment Sheer sRIC

Mild to severe loss
Wireless audio streaming
Smartphone app control
Accessories available

What are the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids?

Long lasting power
Thanks to lithium-Ion technology, which is found in many rechargeable devices, your rechargeable hearing aids will last a full day even if you are streaming phone calls, music and more through Bluetooth. While the range varies between brands you should easily get 16-29 hours from each charge.

Charging the hearing aids fully usually takes 4-5 hours so put them in their charger when you go to bed and they'll be ready for another full day of clearer hearing when you get up. If you need a quick top up then a 30 minute charge will get you an extra 4-5 hours use.

Hassle-free hearing
If you prefer not to fiddle about with tiny batteries or have any dexterity or vision problems then rechargeable hearing aids are the answer as all you have to do is pop them into their charger.

Some models have a rechargeable case, much like rechargeable earbuds, which allows you to charge them on the go or when away from a power source. Others use Qi wireless technology, like some smartphones, so you just put the case on a charging pad without having to plug it in. You can even get chargers that will clean and dry your hearing aids using UV-C!

Environmentally friendly
While today's hearing aid batteries are mercury free, they still need to be recycled properly and over their lifetime a pair of hearing aids could go through hundreds and hundreds of batteries. Conversely, rechargeable hearing aids only have one battery to recycle at the end.

A study by Signia, a world leading hearing aid brand, found that rechargeable hearing aids have 65% less environmental impact than battery-powered hearing aids so they are definitely the way forward.

Signia's charging case with Qi wirelessing charging pad

Want to find out more about rechargeable hearing aids?

There's a lot to learn about rechargeable hearing aids so to find out more please contact our Customer Care team to charge up on facts.