Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology is always evolving and hearing aids are much smaller than they used to be.

Try bloom hearing aids yourself and discover the difference the latest technology can make to your life and to your hearing.

Packed with all the latest technology and able to help even a profound hearing loss, BTE hearing aids are a great choice.

RIC hearing aids perfectly balance stylish, discreet design and ease of use with the latest technology and performance.

Custom made for the perfect fit, ITE hearing aids sit comfortably in the ear and offer a wide range of features.

ITC hearing aids offer almost all the same advantages as an ITE but in a smaller, custom made shell.

CIC hearing aids are one of the smallest available yet still offer the latest technology and connectivity.

As the smallest and most discreet of all fitting types, IIC hearing aids really do live up to their name.

Whatever hearing aids you wear you can hear clearly again

Small but powerful hearing aids

Hearing aids have undergone a transformation in recent years and with the introduction of digital technology large, old-style hearing aids have been replaced by models that are simpler, smaller and smarter. 

All our hearing aids have at least one built-in microphone that picks up sound which is then processed electronically and passed to a receiver. The resulting 'sounds' and 'signals' are finally converted back into the amplified sound you hear through the hearing aid. Further with the help of modern technology hearing aids are constantly evolving and improving, so you can concentrate on what matters most!