Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing aids

What are Behind The Ear hearing aids?

When people think of hearing aids they tend to picture a Behind The Ear (BTE) model. For many years these were the only option but even now they are still one of the most fitted hearing aid types. However don't make the mistake of thinking they are all big, beige and boring because today's BTE hearing aids are small, available in a range of colours and packed with technology - a world away from your grandparents' old NHS models!

BTE hearing aids sit comfortably behind the ear, held in place by the ear hook, and contain all the main components including volume and program controls. The sound is transmitted through a discreet clear tube that connects to a dome or earmould that sits in the ear canal.

While sizes will vary between brands, usually the product range will consist of a standard BTE, Mini BTE and Power BTE. Mini BTEs are ideal if you are looking for something smaller but don't want to compromise on features, whereas Power BTEs are larger but can help those with a severe or profound hearing loss.

Are BTE hearing aids right for you?

With their ability to help all degrees of hearing losses and easy to use size, BTEs are a great choice for almost everyone.

While they can be quite small, especially Mini BTE hearing aids, by their very nature they are not quite as discreet as an In The Ear (ITE) or Completely In Canal (CIC) hearing aids. However, they are available in a wide range of colours so blend in very well with skin tones and hair colours.

Our hearing specialists can advise on whether Behind The Ear hearing aids are the right choice for you so to arrange a free hearing assessment get in touch with our Customer Care team today!

What are the benefits of BTE hearing aids?

Suitable for all types of hearing loss
From mild to profound hearing loss, BTEs provide the most power of any hearing aid.

More features
BTE hearing aids have the space to include more technological features than smaller fitting types.

Extra connectivity
Connect wirelessly to bluetooth devices for streaming calls, music and more. Also BTEs are more likely to have a telecoil for connecting to loop systems in banks, churches, etc.

Easy to use
If dexterity is an issue then BTE hearing aids are ideal because their size makes them easy to handle and fit/remove. They also have controls for adjusting the volume and changing programs.

Longer battery life
BTE hearing aids can have larger batteries which last longer before having to be changed.

Rechargeable options
If you'd prefer not to deal with batteries then BTE hearing aids have more rechargeable models available than other fitting types.

Comfortable fit
Because they don't sit in the ear there is no blocked up sensation that some people can experience.

Easier to look after
As only the dome or earmould is in contact with the ear canal, they are less susceptible to wax or moisture.

Want to find out more about BTE hearing aids?

Not sure if BTE hearing aids are your perfect fit? Contact our hearing specialists to find out if they are the right choice for you!