Invisible In Canal (IIC) hearing aids

What is an Invisible In Canal (IIC) hearing aid?

It used to be that CIC hearing aids were the smallest option available but now you can go one better for the ultimate discretion with Invisible In Canal (IIC) hearing aids!

These marvels of miniaturisation sit even further in the ear canal so are virtually invisible. Their faceplates (the upper section where the microphones and battery door are) are usually made in a darker colour too so are further disguised. In fact the only "visible" part is the small, clear plastic removal handle. IIC hearing aids are custom made (where we take ear impressions which the manufacturers use to build the instruments) for the perfect fit and are more suited for a mild to moderate hearing loss. 

Like other fitting types, size will vary between brands and you may also see them called other names like Widex' CIC Micro.

Is a IIC hearing aid right for you?

Certainly size is a key factor when people look at hearing aids and with the IIC being the smallest they draw a lot of attention. However, they are very dependent on the size and shape of your ear canal so may not be suitable for you. In that case CIC hearing aids could be a better option. Being so physically small means they can't fit in certain features like bluetooth connectivity and can be harder to handle too

There is a lot to consider about IIC hearing aids but our Hearing Aid Audiologists can advise you on what's right for you. Contact our Customer Care team to get your free hearing assessment arranged.

What are the benefits of IIC hearing aids?

Suitable for most types of hearing loss
They may be small but IIC hearing aids can still help a mild to moderate hearing loss.

Easy to operate
Adjusting the volume or changing programs (and other settings) can be done through a smartphone app or dedicated remote control. So while there are no actual buttons on IIC hearing aids you can still easily control them.

Comfortable fit
Custom made to fit deep into your ear canal, IIC hearing aids can be worn all day comfortably.

More discreet
As the smallest hearing aid available, IIC hearing aids are very well hidden from sight.

Natural sound
IIC hearing aids utilise the outer ear's natural properties, which include locating where sounds are coming from better, as they sit deep in the ear canal.

Less wind noise
With the outer ear shielding them, IIC hearing aids perform better than other fitting types.

Want to find our more about IIC hearing aids?

IIC hearing aids have a lot going from them but they do need careful consideration. We can help find the right hearing aids for you so contact our Customer Care team and let's get you hearing clearly again.