Receiver In Canal (RIC) hearing aids

What are Receiver In Canal hearing aids?

Since first being introduced in 2003, RIC hearing aids (also referred to as RITE - Receiver In The Ear) have become one of the most popular fitting types. Unlike their BTE cousins, RIC hearing aids have the receiver (or speaker) outside of the body so they can be much smaller in size. They may be small but RICs pack a big punch and are suitable for most degrees of hearing loss. They are crammed full of technology too, plus more and more rechargeable models are now being made. Some even have cases that allow you to charge on the go.

RIC hearing aids sit behind the ear and are very comfortable to wear due to their light weight. The body contains the microphones, processors and amplifier along with physical buttons for controlling volume and program. The receiver, which sits in your ear canal and is fitted with a soft, flexible dome, is connected to the body by a thin wire.

While each brand has their own design style, generally RIC hearing aids come in a couple of sizes depending on what performance or options you need. A standard RIC will have the best feature set while mini RICs will be smaller in size but may have less features and a smaller battery.

Are RIC hearing aids right for you?

RIC hearing aids are a very popular choice due to their discreet designs and great performance but are they the right choice for you?

With their open fit design, they provide a more natural sound and don't block up your ear canal and cause occlusion. RIC hearing aids are also small and lightweight which is great if you want them to be less visible and are wearing them all day. However, if you have dexterity problems then their size may be an issue but our hearing specialists can advise you on what's most suitable for your needs.

So to find out more about RIC hearing aids and to arrange a free hearing assessment contact our Customer Care team who are ready to hear from you!

What are the benefits of RIC hearing aids?

Suitable for most types of hearing loss
From mild to severe hearing loss, RIC hearing aids offer great performance for their diminutive size.

Natural sounding
The open fit design gives you a more natural sound and RIC hearing aids are very good at amplifying higher pitched sounds too.

Reduced feedback
Because the microphones and receiver are seperated, this greatly reduces annoying feedback (or whistling).

Quick and easy to fit
Because there are no custom moulds, you could be tested and fitted with RIC hearing aids on the same day!

Advanced technology
RIC hearing aids may be small but, depending on the model, they can be packed full of all the latest technological features.

Bluetooth connectivity
You can stream calls, music and more from your Android or iOS devices straight to your RIC hearing aids.

Easy to use
Nearly all RIC hearing aids have physical controls for adjusting the volume and changing programs. These can also be changed using a smartphone app.

Rechargeable options
If changing batteries is not for you then there are plenty of rechargeable RIC hearing aids available. Some even have their own charging case so can be topped up on the go.

Want to find out more about RIC hearing aids?

Do RIC hearing aids sound good to you? Arrange a call with our hearing specialists and find out if they are the perfect fit!