Protect your ears at work and play

Surprisingly, common everyday activities can damage hearing. e.g.

Don't drive continuously with the window open - or suffer other noisy activity - without considering the effect on your hearing.

If you are engaged in clay pigeon shooting or live quarry you share this risk. Protection from earplugs, custom fit solutions, and ear defenders are available.

Carry earplugs with you if you ride a motorbike. It's definitely an activity for which you should consider earplugs – even with your helmet on. And don’t forget your pillion rider.

This precaution also applies to similar “machinery”, at work and play, which gives out a similar level of decibels.

Earplugs need not be expensive; you can buy disposable ones. Or you can invest extra to have some moulded and custom fit to your ears.

For that reason, extra sets of disposables are a good idea to keep in your toolbox, kit bag or gun case.

For a free guide (opposite) see the download at the bottom of this page.

Links below provide information if you listen to music a lot, or use an mp3 player.

If unsure whether you already suffer damaged hearing, test your hearing on this site.

Live and recorded music

Concerts and live music performances have traditionally always threatened the health of our hearing.

Use of earphones and headphones, for recorded music, could make this worse.

bloomâ„¢ hearing, however, aim to reduce this, including hearing aids to help you even enjoy loud cinema shows in comfort.

Swimming and water in the ear

Earol have a separate version especially aimed at preventing "swimmers ear".

Using a mixture of natural oils - olive oil and tea tree - it is a gentle way to potentially avoid having irrigation at the doctors.

Travel tip: Remember to pack a bottle next time you go on holiday.

Noisy activities at home and work

Responsible employers provide ear defenders as a matter of course if it involves noisy machinery.

What will surprise you, however, are the everyday activities like using the food mixer or vacuum cleaner that can cause hearing loss over time.

Unless you check decibel levels when you purchase.

Hear this. Quit smoking.

With so many noise-related threats to our hearing - and age-related problems increasing as we live longer - on the plus side it is a good thing fewer people smoke.

Along with some common medications, smoking surprises many as a cause for hearing impairment.

Read about more risks to hearing.

Looking after your hearing

You only have two ears and it is important to take good care of them. Here are a list of topics you may consider:

  • Defense against industrial noise damage
  • Avoiding damage through loud live or recorded music
  • Avoiding overuse of DIY or home electricals without ear protection
  • Awareness of noise damage caused by everyday activities, including leisure
  • Regular monitoring of your natural hearing through regular assessments (see below)
  • Earwax management and daily ear hygiene
  • If you swim, avoid swimmers ear or water in the ear
  • Smoking - including other drug-related (including prescription drugs) that may cause tinnitus or hearing loss
  • Consult your GP if you suddenly experience hearing loss

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