Frequently Asked Questions about Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids

Trust the specialists. bloom.

bloom™ hearing specialists have qualified hearing aid audiologists throughout the UK, backed by trained assistants in their support - and for you, our customers.

Hearingcare is a specialist subject - which is why we do not sell other healthcare products for other medical conditions - like contact lenses, reading glasses and medicines.

Our aim is to provide all the answers needed to help you hear clearly again

Q: How much do hearing aids cost?

It’s hard to give a definite answer because the prescription for your hearing determines the model that is right for you. However, bloom hearing aids start from £745 a pair but you can pay over £3,000.

Our prices are not always the lowest, but our aftercare is more comprehensive than most.

bloom™ hearing aftercare and regular servicing is free – and essential to prolong the life of hearing aids. Then they deliver the best performance.
For any hearing aid, small ongoing expenses such as batteries are required. We offer high quality hearing aid batteries for £14.99 per pack of 60 cells. Usually two packs of batteries will sufficiently cover your needs. 

You may also require maintenance accessories such as wax guards and dry kits in order to keep your hearing aid at peak performance. These are occasional, low cost items that we also offer on our website.
Unlike some hearing aid specialists who may charge after the first 3 years, our aftercare services are completely free for life. 

Here at bloom, we recommend seeing you once a year for any alterations that will be required as your hearing changes. However, we are always here whenever you need us. We can even arrange a home visit so you do not incur any travel costs. 

At bloom hearing specialists, we offer a full hearing assessment and a seven day free trial that helps you take the guesswork out of deciding. 

Over the course of the trial, you will be able to wear the hearing aids in a variety of indoor and outdoor surroundings and get used to them without parting with a penny. 
No, you are under no obligation  whatsoever.

If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with the hearing aids you have trialled, simply hand them back to your local bloom audiologist.

The free trial enables you to experience better hearing in a variety of environments that matter to you the most. 
Yes, the audiogram that is conducted by our hearing aid audiologists is like a prescription. 

From the results of your audiogram, our hearing aid audiologists can then suggest options and possible solutions. 

There is the potential that no action is taken. 

Most people do in fact delay any decision until after their trial. 
All of our hearing aids vary in innovative technology to suit people with hearing loss at different stages and degrees. 

Higher priced hearing aids usually contain more features such as being able to adapt to different situations like relieving tinnitus, reducing wind noise and connecting to your television and mobile phone. 
All of our hearing aids are pretty much trouble-free, but we do understand that it is a major inconvenience if they do need repairing. 

Therefore we offer a repair service that endeavours to return your hearing aids to you fully repaired as quickly as possible.  
Unfortunately we do not offer an insurance that covers hearing aids against loss or damage. 

However, we do find that our customers get their hearing aids covered on their household contents insurance.
As well as the seven day free trial and the free aftercare service, we at bloom hearing specialists offer not only a 4-year warranty that covers you against servicing, parts and labour and a 60-day money-back guarantee.