Tiny aids with big sound

Ask for a demonstration of the UNIQUE™ hearing aid, or the DAILY range. Both by WIDEX™. Then ask yourself, "How can they deliver such natural sound?"

You just won't believe how small they are. Restore your hearing with a free no-obligation two-week home trial and experience better hearing in your own surroundings.

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Does size matter to you?

What can hearing aid solutions do for you?

Make sounds clearer and louder
Enabling you to relax because you don't have to strain yourself to hear
Make conversations easier
Help you reconnect with your wife, husband, friends, children or grandchildren
Prevent the isolation you often feel when you can't hear
Help you hear on the telephone and enjoy TV on normal volume

Small but powerful hearing aids

Hearing aids have undergone a transformation in recent years with the introduction of digital technology.

Large old-style aids have been replaced by aids that are simpler, smaller and smarter.

Generally hearing aids have a built-in microphone that picks up sound.

This sound is processed electronically and the resulting ‘sounds’ are passed to a receiver.

‘Signals’ are converted back into clearer sounds that you can hear.

Read how digital hearing aids are now even better value for money in 2017.

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Because we specialise in hearing care - and hearing care alone - bloom™ remain a traditional hearing solutions company.

That said, we embrace new technology and best consumer-focused principles alongside traditional values.

This includes ensuring ultimate choice and control stays with you:

“The patience and understanding of your audiologist are second to none. They are really helpful and never try to rush you or make you change your mind about a product, merely try to assist you in what aids are more beneficial to the type of hearing loss that you have.”

And from another satisfied client:

“I felt unhurried and able to ask any questions that I wanted.

That gave me the confidence to start wearing hearing aids for the first time, despite being fairly reluctant!!”

bloom™ integrity was also summed up in this final comment:

Honest, straightforward, expert advice. Excellent service and communication.”

How do you want to hear?

No matter how, we will find a hearing solution to suit your needs.

Wearing hearing aids can help you take back control of your life.

Conversations are easier to follow and it is easier to join in with confidence.

With the developments in technology hearing aids can help you hear the telephone, spend time listening to music, watching TV or tuning in to your favourite radio programme.