Noticed signs of hearing loss in a loved one? 

It is not an easy topic to start talking about hearing loss. Get inspired below on how to get the conversation started.

Don't worry! You are not the only one who finds it hard to help someone you care about come to terms with their hearing difficulties.

Father with hearing loss and daughter by pool

Is your dad finding it hard to hear?

It can be a difficult topic to bring up but having a conversation about hearing loss. 

If your parent is suffering from hearing loss, it is easy to get annoyed at him, or perhaps even make fun of it. 
Man and woman on bike with hearing aids

Are you tired of repeating yourself to your husband?

Talking about a hearing problem with your husband who hasn’t yet come to terms with hearing loss, is a sensitive topic. 

By asking open-ended questions, you show an interest and invite to reflection. 
Talk about hearing before things get too complicated
Listen to the story about Mr. Stevenson and his dog Walnut or was that really the name of the dog ? Check it out!
Did you know that...
  1. Most modern hearing aids are designed so discreetly that you hardly notice them when worn?

  2. Today a hearing aid weighs about 2 grams -  the same weight as 2 paperclips?

  3. Not two hearing aids are the same? Modern hearing aids are like fingerprints; they are fitted uniquely to you?

  4. Many advanced hearing aids have the computing power of a strong laptop?

  5. Many hearing aids today can be controlled from your mobile phone?

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70% believe they should have got their hearing aids sooner, as it has improved their life, mental and emotional health, and performance at work.

If you are planning a difficult conversation with your loved one about getting his or her hearing checked, it is important that you approach the subject with compassion”
Margrethe Vadmand, Psychotherapist