My first encounter with bloom hearing specialists happened quite by accident when I saw on Facebook they were offering free hearing tests and hearing aid trials. I had been unhappy with a hearing aid I had bought previously and was interested in seeing what else was available so I made contact. I thought nothing ventured nothing gained and I haven’t looked back since.

Like most people I was put off wearing hearing aids because of vanity but I simply couldn’t manage anymore by lip-reading. I’m still working and have an active social life and it became increasingly difficult to hear well in group situations, at functions, or to give speeches and be in a big echoey room.

I’ve been surprised at how small and discreet hearing aids are now, the benefits of being able to hear far outweighs my vanity worries especially as they are barely noticeable anyway.

What advice would you give others?

If I could offer anyone advice it would be don’t wait. I waited 10 years before I acted on my hearing loss, I struggled needlessly for a long time and I didn’t realise the impact it had on those around me who were also suffering. People no longer think I’m being ignorant because I’m able to listen to them and give a thoughtful response. I give the right answers when friends and family talk to me and the TV is now at a comfortable level for everyone in the house.  

What is the best thing about hearing aids?

I would describe hearing aids as being incredibly useful. My favourite benefit is that they link directly with the TV and my phone so I can hear just right whatever I’m doing. You can adjust the settings quickly and easily yourself so if you enter a group situation or there’s background noise you can adjust them to suit whatever you’re doing. 

Bloom hearing specialists have been great for me and offer a different class of service. My Hearing Aid Audiologist is terrific, he visits me at home when I need it and has taken the time to adjust my hearings to where is best for me.