These are specially made for hearing aids and the most common sizes are 312, 10, 13 and 675.

They vary and are specified by the manufacturer by size for each individual hearing aid model – defined according to the required power needed for each hearing aid, and evident from the size of battery chamber of the device.

The manufacturer details will clearly state which battery should be used, and your hearing aid audiologist will supply you with the correct batteries.

Rayovac, Power One and Varta are just three well-known makes. Do not use very cheap un-branded batteries as there is a risk that they may leak and damage your hearing aids.

Hearing aid companies – of which one is bloom™ hearing – may sell their own-branded batteries, but look to see who the original manufacturer is – e.g. Rayovac.

Battery life varies according to each hearing aid and how long you wear them each day, their lifespan is determined by the size of the battery and the power consumption of the hearing system, typically hearing aid batteries last between 5 and 15 days.

bloom™ offer the best quality batteries from £9.99 to £14.99 for ten cards (60 cells). Most high street stores charge £2.50 or more per card, making them £25.00+ for 60 cells.