Most people have a large number of hearing, or lifestyle, situations in their life. Because this is normal to us we sometimes may not identify them as separate situations. Here are a few to think about.

This can be visits to, or from, family in small or large groups. It may also involve sitting around a meal table, speaking one to one whilst others have conversations of their own, or watching television with competing speech.

TV and other media
Wireless connectivity may be important. bloom™ offer a wide range of hearing aids with the ability to wirelessly connect directly to your television or music device. This will allow you to control if you wish to hear other sounds, such as speech, or turn them off and concentrate on your entertainment.

Both home and mobile phones can wirelessly connect directly with your hearing system, the sound will be delivered to both hearing aids, giving hearing better than average normal hearing in some cases and of course you are in control of whether you want to switch off external sounds.

Hearing aids can provide an excellent hands free solution in your car or anywhere where you want to stream sound directly to your ears. Wirelessly connecting to your phone, music device or spoken word, hearing aids can provide great solutions in cars, planes, trains or just sitting in the park.

This is probably where listening environments change frequently. Hearing aids can be programmed to adapt to these variations automatically.

Mealtimes are great for catch-ups. But every table is buzzing with conversation. Hearing aids can be set up so that you can engage with those at your table, to the exclusion of the rest.

Whether business or social, these forums demand you hear every word and answer when addressed. bloom™ can address this lifestyle need to help you keep on top of your game.

Theatres and live performances often deliver a wide spectrum of volume and sound. bloom™ offer hearing systems that can automatically adjust to the ever changing needs at a live show.