Frequently Asked Questions about hearing aids and bloom hearing

Trust the specialists. bloom.

bloom™ hearing have qualified hearing aid audiologists throughout England &Wales, backed by trained assistants in their support - and for you, our customers.

Hearingcare is a specialist subject - which is why we do not sell other healthcare products for other medical conditions - like contact lenses, reading glasses and medicines.

Our aim is to provide all the answers needed to help you hear clearly again

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Q: How much do hearing aids cost?

It’s hard to give a definite answer because the prescription for your hearing determines the model that is right for you. However, bloom hearing aids start from £745 a pair (£395 for one) but you can pay over £3,000.

Our prices are not always the lowest, but our aftercare is more comprehensive than most.

bloom™ hearing aftercare and regular servicing is free – and essential to prolong the life of hearing aids. Then they deliver the best performance.

Q: What else do I have to pay for?

Batteries are a small, ongoing expense. WE only sell top quality - at £14.99 per pack for 60 cells. Normally two packs a year will cover your needs.

You may also need wax guards and other small accessories to keep your hearing aids at peak performance.

These are occasional, low-cost items.

Q: How "free" is aftercare?

Unlike some who may charge after the first 3 years, it is totally free. For life.

bloom™ hearing like to see you once a year, but we are always on standby.

We can even arrange a home appointment so that you do not incur travel costs.

This free servicing is also essential so that your hearing aids remain set up to match natural hearing as it changes over time.

We provide timely reminders just beforehand.

Q: How do I know which hearing aids I need?

Our two-week free trial takes the guesswork out of deciding. After our audiologist has prescribed the level of hearing to restore (see below about our assessment), and demonstrated a suitable solution, you wear them for two weeks. Without parting with a penny.

It does take a few days getting used to them. Over two weeks you get to test them in a variety of surroundings - out and about as well as indoors. In all your normal activities.

Q: Does the free trial commit me in any way?

No. If, for whatever reason, they are not for you, simply hand them back.

This is true at any stage. At the initial hearing assessment - at the demonstration of possible hearing solutions.

Even if you are "just thinking about it".

The free trial enables you experience better hearing in all the circumstances that matter to you most.

Q: What happens at the hearing assessment?

Allow at least an hour for us to cover 27 points of measurement and evaluation.

That’s more than most.

First we ask you to describe circumstances where difficulty hearing causes problems.

This is followed by measurement to establish how much sound reaches your eardrum.

The resulting audiogram is shared with you to explain the shape, type and level of the loss.

Q: What is the audiogram? Why is it necessary?

It's like a prescription.

From that our hearing aid audiologist will be able to suggest options and possible solutions.

We may even suggest no action is essential.

Final choice is always yours. There is no pressure to buy at any stage.

Most people delay any decision until after a two-week trial.

Q: Why do prices vary so much?

Hearing aids are produced at levels of technology to suit people with hearing loss at different stages, and degrees.

Higher-priced models usually contain more features.

They can adapt to more situations - such as wi-fi, reduction of wind noise, or tinnitus.

Q: Is there a typical price I should pay?

Just like cars, home appliances, TVs and most everyday items vary in price - so do hearing aids - because of demands placed on them. Hearing aids are similar.

Our most popular ranges are around the £1,500 to £2,000 mark.  They suit quite advanced needs whilst being in the price range for many first-time wearers.

Q: What guarantees do my hearing aids have?

Each hearing aid system comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

This is in addition to the two-week trial.

A 4-year manufacturer's warranty covers parts and labour.

bloom™ hearing also commit to ongoing aftercare - for life - free of charge.

Q: What if the hearing aids need repair?

Hearing aids are pretty much trouble-free, but we really know how annoying it can be if they break down.

bloom promise a 24-hour turn-round. If we cannot meet it, we offer a free loan of hearing aids until they are returned.

Q: Do you provide insurance against loss or damage?

We would influence our pricing if we did.

So "no".

The good news is that they can normally covered by household contents insurance. Just check.

Q: What do home appointments involve?

If you live too far away from a local branch we conduct the hearing assessment at a time and place to suit you - in your home.

There is no charge.

This may also be important to those you who may find travel difficult, or expensive.


The bloom™ hearing promise of service and aftercare is centred around these three values.

Convenience is epitomised by our home appointment service and easy access to bloom essential hearing healthcare.

Value comes from the full package of as part of the initial purchase.

Care is our remit to provide the best service - even to non-customers of bloom™ hearing - even prior to buying your first hearing aid system.

What do I need to bring to appointments?

Just yourself - and a friend or family member to share the experience with you.

Even if not in a local branch, our hearing specialist brings all the equipment needed (Usually, just a laptop plus some other small accessories.).

If you decide to buy hearing aids, all subsequent aftercare can also be by home appointment.

Call 0800 612 7994 (Ref: shop 1) if you have further questions, or send us an email.  Or call into a local bloom hearing specialists branch.