Fitted the same day

Everyone's hearing is different. However, if we have in stock the right hearing aid to match your hearing, we may be able to restore your hearing there and then.

You hearing test defines what is most suited to you. Then you could be just days - or even moments - away from a solution.

Request a free hearing test

Book a free test...

Your free hearing assessment can be arranged for one of our branches - or we can come to you in your own home.

It's your choice, does not mean you have to buy hearing aids, and we invite you to bring a friend or family member on the day.

all will be explained

Our professionally registered Hearing Aid Audiologist understands all the complexities of your individual hearing.

Breaking this down into simple language, you can then decide what is best for you, and whether or not to invest in a solution.

Express service...

Some people like to experience better hearing on the day.

Subject to the right hearing aid being available, that may be possible.

But you don't have to commit finally to buying just yet.

but take your time

Wear them for two weeks doing what you normally do each day. Make sure hearing aids suit you. Or return them. No charge.

You don't part with a penny. Even if you do buy them, you have a further 60-days guarantee of satisfaction - or your money back.