Which hearing aids are best for mild to moderate hearing loss in 2017?

There is no single correct answer. The following simple guidelines should help. A free, no-obligation consultation with a bloom™ hearing specialist will leave you in no doubt.

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Hearing aid fittings

If you have a mild or moderate hearing loss, as a general rule you may not need a mould to be taken (which then fits inside the ear canal).

Your hearing aid audiologist may recommend the latter if you have more severe loss, as it can result in the better sound delivery necessary.

Sometimes, however – and unless really well calibrated – you can experience some feedback and occlusion. (For example, if you are eating a packet of crisps the crunching sounds unusually loud to you!)

Behind-the-ear (BTE) models with the sound supplied through a tube and receiver in the canal now offer comfort, relative invisibility – with sufficient power for most mild to moderate hearing loss.

Note: BTE can qualify for "Instant Fit".
This cuts out the waiting time but relies on having the right BTE hearing aid available immediately.
(If not, we order specially.)

You don’t change your lifestyle to suit your hearing aids.You choose hearing aids to suit your lifestyle.

Buying the best hearing aids for you - the bloom way
Hearing levels and environment

If your loss falls within the “moderate” category, you will be recommended a lower specification solution within a lower price range.

bloom™ specialists will not prescribe technology you don’t need. (See more on The bloom™ Promise.)

That said, whilst this may correct your hearing in normal backgrounds, anything more challenging may require a more advanced model.

This is where understanding what you need the solution for comes in.

We assess your lifestyle to identify circumstances where your hearing aids may be needed to deliver just that little bit more.

This is what we mean by “the right hearing aid” – but the final choice is yours.

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