Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids

With Integrated Xperience there's finally a hearing aid designed for real conversations

With Signia’s revolutionary Integrated Xperience (IX) technology and rechargeability the Pure Charge&Go range of RIC (Receiver In Canal) hearing aids can unleash the power the conversation.

A key part of IX is the RealTime Conversation Enhancement, which can enhance and follow multiple conversation partners simultaneously, even as they move or you turn your head, so you can be involved and keep up with the conversation, no matter how busy it gets.

The Pure Charge&Go IX has a stylish, comfortable design available in a range of colours. The Pure Charge&Go T IX also adds a telecoil for connecting to loop systems, commonly found in public buildings, theatres and banks.

Signia Integrated Xperience icon

Integrated Xperience

Signia IX RealTime Conversation Enhancement icon

RealTime Conversation Enhancement

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Augmented Focus

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Signia IX Own Voice Processing 2 icon

Own Voice Processing 2

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Signia IX Auto Echoshield icon

Auto EchoShield

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Android and iOS Connectivity

Versatile Charging

Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids have the power to help you hear all day with a range of charging options. The Portable charger (left) let you recharge on the go with a power bank that holds 3 full charges. In addition to charging, the Dry&Clean charger (middle) also cleans and dries your hearing aids for peak performance. If you want to keep it simple then the standard desktop charger (right) is for you.

Enhanced Connectivity

Stay connected and stream phone calls, music, TV audio and more all in high quality with Bluetooth connectivity to your Android and iOS devices. For iOS there is also HandsFree calling and CallControl for easyaccepting and ending of calls.

Integrated Xperience

No conversations are ever the same, they’re dynamic and unexpected but with Signia’s Integrated Xperience you’ll always have every word. With RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology, Pure Charge&Go hearing aids are constantly analysing, augmenting and adapting to the sounds around you so you fully enjoy effortless hearing even when others are moving or you turn your head.

To understand the environment you are in and the people you’re taking too, 192,000 datapoints a second are carefully evaluated.

Then the voices of those you are talking to are boosted so you hear them more clearly while the background sounds are processed for a comfortable and immersive experience without distractions.

Finally, as the conversation moves or shifts around you, it updates seamlessly 1000 times per second so you never miss out and always hear what’s being said.

Signia App

Available for Android and iOS devices, the Signia app gives you control over your volume, settings and audio streaming. Also featured is the Signia Assistant, a friendly AI personal helper that can help optimise and fine tune your hearing aids, and My WellBeing that helps you monitor how active you are and how much you socially interact with others.

Signia Telecare

With our busy lives sometimes finding time for a face-to-face appointment is difficult. Signia Telecare allows your bloom hearing aid specialist to make a virtual appointment where they can remotely adjust your hearing aids for you!