Signia Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids

Blends in seamlessly with your life with their discreet design and latest technology to let you hear clearly again, even in noisy environments.

Silk Charge&Go IX CIC (Completely In Canal) hearing aids are a great fit for those looking for a small, discreet design powered by IX, Signia’s latest hearing aid platform.

There’s no comprise on performance as they use advance technology that focuses on the speech in front of you even in those trickier, noisy environments. You’ll also be able to hear all day thanks to the rechargeable battery and the case gives you wireless charging on the go too.

They are available with two different coloured faceplates, mocha and black, and the soft textured surface minimises reflections for further discretion.

Signia Integrated Xperience icon

Integrated Xperience

Signia IX Auto Echoshield icon

Auto EchoShield

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Signia IX rechargeable icon

Recharge on the go

Rechargeable power to hear all day

Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids have plenty of power to keep you hearing all day and are easily recharged with the supplied charging case.

The case also has an integrated power bank so you can charge up a pair of Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids an additional four times. You can recharge the case using either a USB-C cable or Qi wireless pad.

Integrated Xperience

Helping you keep up with the conversation and getting involved is what Signia had in mind when they designed Integrated Xperience (IX).

With the Silk Charge&Go IX you get advanced sound features such as Binaural OneMic Directionality. This clever technology focuses on the person who is speaking in a noisy environment so you can alway hear what's being said, something unheard of in a hearing aid so small.

Remote Control

With the Signia app for Android and iOS devices you can take control!

By acoustically pairing with your Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids, the user friendly app gives you easy access to adjusting the volume, fine tuning the sound balance and changing hearing programs.

If you'd prefer a physical remote control then Signia have the discreet, easy-to-use miniPocket available as an optional extra.