Widex Hearing Aids


Founded in 1956 by Christian Tøpholm and Erik Westermann, Widex have always had a passion for perfecting sound and crafting the absolute best hearing aids. From the very beginning, they have been at the forefront of hearing aid technology and led the shift from analogue to digital.

Their development of pioneering new processors combined with AI learning are all impressive technical steps towards the ultimate achievement which is sound so natural you can forget about your hearing loss.

Widex are also committed to sustainability too. Their headquarters in Lynge, Denmark (just outside of Copenhagen) is CO2 neutral thanks to a geothermal system and wind turbine that heats, cools and powers it. All their hearing aids are manufactured there too.

As well as continually looking at innovative ways to reduce their environmental footprint, Widex actively contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Audiology Experts

Widex are always building on their deep audiology learning, research and innovation to create hearing aids that truly deliver a sound so natural that you can forget about your hearing loss.

Unique Technology

As they continue their pursuit of natural sound, what really sets Widex apart is their unique technology, like PureSound™.

Quality Craftsmanship

To deliver the most natural sound, Widex's uncompromising attention to detail and dedication to the highest quality means they craft the absolute best hearing aids.

Premium Experience

When you own a Widex hearing aid you expect the best which is why with their natural sound, high-quality design and exceptional support you can be sure your expectations are exceeded.

Widex, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids, was founded in Denmark in 1956. Since our beginning, our ambition has been to create the absolute best hearing aids in order to deliver the most natural sound.

The pursuit of natural sound guides everything we do. Leading audiological research, quality craftmanship, intuitive design and exceptional support all play essential roles. Yet, it is the unique technology behind natural sound that truly sets us apart. With each technical advancement we get closer to the ultimate achievement – sound so natural you can forget about your hearing loss.

Sound like no other, naturally perfect.

Widex Hearing Aid Technology

Widex are renowned for their state-of-the-art technology that gives you sound like no other.

  • Puresound powered by ZeroDelay technology
    Normally, the sound processed by the hearing aid reaches the eardrum slightly later than the sound heard directly. This leads to what you hear sounding artificial, as the mixed signals are out of sync. With the PureSound experience, delay is minimised to below 0.5ms so you get to hear sounds as natural as possible.
  • Digital Pinna
    Because of the shape of the Pinna (or Outer Ear) it naturally helps determine where sounds are coming from. Digital Pinna simulates these characteristics to improve localisation, especially when sounds comes from the front or back.
  • FreeFocus
    This allows you to focus on sound from a specific direction with your hearing aids. This in useful in situations where turning your head is difficult, like listening to someone in the back seat while you are driving.
  • Multi-directional Active Feedback Cancelling
    To minimise feedback (a high pitched whistling) the sound is monitored and analysed to alter and remove it.
  • Sound Class Technology
    A precise processing system that gives you significantly improved sound in a variety of sound environments. This is done automatically so it can switch between classes as you move to different environments.
  • SoundSense Learn
    To help you hear how you want to hear, SoundSense Learn uses simple A/B comparisons in the smartphone app. Choose which one sounds best and the machine learning does the rest, quickly optimising your hearing aid settings!
  • Wireless Streaming
    You can stream direct to your hearing aids without additional accessories, so iOS and Android users can hear high-quality calls, video and music wherever you are.
  • Rechargeability
    No struggling with hearing aid batteries with these wireless charging options. Drop the hearing aids into the charger and get a full day of use in 4 hours. You can also get a 4 hour top up with a quick 30 minute charge.
  • Widex Charge n Clean
    Not only does this case charge your hearing aids but it will also clean them using UV-C, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria.