Interest Free Payment Plans on Widex BEYOND

Experience the best speech recognition, sound capture and wind tolerance in a hearing aid for less this spring, with interest free payment plans. 


Hear all the details
Easily Customised

You can adjust sound settings and listening preferences, use personal pictures and even create sound templates for specific listening situations - such as being at work, running or with family and friends giving you full control of your hearing. Experience the best speech recognition, sound capture and wind tolerance in a hearing aid so you can stay in command.

The new WIDEX BEYOND™ is the world’s best sounding hearing aid with multiple ways of connecting through Bluetooth, DEX communication devices and Telecoils, your world never sounded so good. 

The BEYOND App works for iPhone and Android.

Widex BEYOND prices

Hearing aid type Price per pair 25% Deposit  24 Months*
Premium range   
BEYOND 440£3,495£873.96£109.21
Advanced range   
BEYOND 330£3,095£773.96£96.71
BEYOND 220£2,795£698.84£87.34
Plus range   
BEYOND 110£2,295£573.96£71.71

*Representative Example: Pair of Widex BEYOND 110 hearing aids cost £2,295. 25% deposit £573.96. Balance £1,721.04 payable over 24 months at 0% APR fixed. Monthly instalments £71.71. Total sum payable £2,295 including deposit of £573.96.

More Connectivity
More Power

Advanced sound quality
The Widex BEYOND sound is way ahead of our competitors. It gives you an incredibly advanced overall sound quality.

Your sound is always optimized based on your environment. When you enter a restaurant or cafe your hearing aid will switch to a program optimizing your hearing to that specific situation.

Noise reduction and wind manager add's to your hearing comfort
At the end of your day when you sit down and put your feet up, poor and painful sounds which have affected you throughout your day - and leave you exhausted in the evening - simply fade away. The Smart Wind Manager will remove the hissing whistling wind from your hearing aids, enabling you to take a stroll in all conditions and relax at the same time.
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