BEYOND streamed sound

The most connected hearing aids are now available for those still riding high. And active in any environment.

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Q: Why take a free trial of Widex BEYOND?

A: Users have rated the streaming sound of BEYOND™ twice as good as any other hearing aid.

Finally. A made-for-iPhone hearing aid with awesome sound.

The smartest hearing aids are now available for those still in the game.That means demands for the highest level of connectivity is number one priority.

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In your own environment. On your own terms.
Stream sound wirelessly to your hearing aids

True sound goes BEYOND delivering a better phone conversation.

Controlling your hearing aids is now as simple as answering your phone. But connects you in so many ways.

TRI-LINK™ technology is boasting seamless connectivity making it the most connected hearing aid available.

BEYOND hearing aids are as active as you are.

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Beyond hearing aids for life the fast lane - or when it's time to take things easy.

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