Widex Moment Hearing Aids

This sound changes everything - hearing as you remember it

Conventional hearing aids work in a way that creates a timing mismatch in the sound which reduces sound quality and gives you a tinny slightly metallic and distorted sound experience. However, the Widex Moment eliminates this mismatch and delivers the most natural sound ever thanks to the new Widex PureSound™ experience.

Widex Moment also offers high-quality streaming and multiple ways to ensure you get exactly the sound you prefer - in exactly the moments that are important to you.

ZeroDelay™ Hearing Aids, Delivering Pure Sound.

The revolutionary Widex Moment offers you an ultra-fast new way to process sound results in hearing aids with no delay and no distorted sound, all thanks to PureSound and ZeroDelay technology. Moment really sounds like no other hearing aid you've heard!

Moment also offers:
  • Innovative artificial intelligence (AI) in the hearing aids guides you to a better more personalised hearing experience.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity enables you to stream sound directly to your hearing aids.
  • An easy-to-use app for discrete control your hearing aids.
  • Remote Care service for fitting and fine tuning Moment. It's a contactless service with no face to face visits so you can get clearer hearing without leaving the comfort of your armchair.

Water-resistant Nano Coating

You won’t have to worry about moisture when you exercise or get caught in the rain as WIDEX MOMENT features an advanced water-resistant nano coating to help protect from moisture ingression.


Discreet, convenient and easy, this app allows you to fully control your WIDEX MOMENT hearing aids from your phone. The wireless Bluetooth connectivity enables you to stream sound directly to your hearing aids from a wide range of devices.

Sound Assist

Whether it’s a one-to-one conversation, a lively dinner, or an important call, Sound Assist can help you feel more connected to the sounds that matter most to you.

Suitable for the Widex Moment family, including Sheer, Sound Assist offers partner and table microphone modes, remote control, hands-free calls, Bluetooth streaming and telecoil mode all in a device that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.


    • Which levels of hearing loss is Widex Moment suitable for?
        Widex Moment is suitable for all levels of hearing loss (mild, moderate, severe or profound)

    • What do hearing aids normally sound like and how can Widex Moment deliver a more natural sound?
        Conventional hearing aids work in a way that creates a timing mismatch in the sound which reduces sound quality and gives you a tinny, slightly metallic and distorted sound experience.

        Widex Moment's ZeroDelay™ technology offers an entirely new and revolutionary way to handle sound. By processing the sound signal faster than any other digital hearing aid, Widex Moment eradicates the problem of delay-based distortion which results in this annoying artificial sound.

        This new sound experience is called Widex PureSound and will make a genuine difference to your hearing experience in real life.

    • How does the AI in Widex Moment hearing aids work?
        While hearing aids have been using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for some time to figure out users' listening environment and provide the best sound, today's hearing aid AI can do so much more than that!

        There are different levels of AI, a term we use for a computer program can think and learn, and one of these deeper levels is Machine Learning, which trains a computer to predict future outcomes based on human input. That's what our SoundSense Learn feature does.

        By calculating the best possible hearing settings in the moment based on your input, SoundSense Learn gets smarter and faster at calculating the best sound for you as a user.

        All you have to do is compare different sound profiles in the Widex Moment app and choose A or B for an intuitive way to control sound parameters and get smarter hearing.

    • Which platforms does Widex Moment Bluetooth work with?
        Widex Moment has Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream from Android, iOS, WIDEX TV PLAY and other DEX accessories.

        You can find up-to-date device compatibility here.