Buying hearing aids near Bath and Bristol - within Avon and North Somerset

Call us to book your free hearing test or to arrange a free hearing aid trial. 

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Call the above number for a home appointment

Call the above number for a home appointment if you live near Bath, Bristol, Shepton Mallet, Chippenham, Warminster, Trowbridge, Marlborough, Cirencester - and surrounding areas.

If you have difficulty travelling to your nearest bloomâ„¢ hearing specialist in Stroud, we can arrange an appointment for you at home - and at your convenience.

bloomâ„¢ hearing have retained free hearing care at home when other national companies have ceased that service, or may charge.

Full services include (from):

* Free hearing assessments - please allow at least 1 hour

* Free demonstrations of hearing aids - showing how easy they are to use

* Free two-week trials of the latest hearing aids (Demonstrations and hearing aid trials carry no obligation to make any purchases)
Full tests at home

  • No charge - full assessment
  • Arranged at a time and place to suit you
  • No commitment to buy
First-time with bloom?

  • Demonstrations - see how user-friendly
  • Two-week trials - with no commitment
  • If not for you - hand them back
Wearing hearing aids?

  • Free servicing
  • Reassessment of your hearing
  • Future aftercare by home appointment
More hearing care...

  • Help for friends and family.
  • Excess earwax? bloom can help.
  • Tinnitus? bloom can help here too.