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Made for bloom™ hearing aid batteries by Rayovac - the best you can buy for the price. Sizes 10, 312, 13 & 675 available.

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Is it time to change your hearing aids?

Are your current hearing aids living up to your needs and expectations?

Even if you wear hearing aids already
, consider what you do every day. Does an inability to hear well stop you enjoying any parts of that?

Technology is moving fast within the world of hearing aids. Pop in at one of our stores for details of the UNIQUE™ hearing solution by WIDEX™, or the ultimate in wireless connectivity - with BEYOND™.

Whether you prefer nearly invisible in-the-ear fitting, or tiny hearing aids worn behind your ears, we will find you the most comfortable solution.

The beauty of it is you can take the guesswork out of choosing your next hearing aid with our free two week home trial. "Try before you buy" first - without parting with a penny.

Tinnitus can be helped. Let us help you.

Are you suffering from tinnitus, ringing / buzzing in your ears or other symptoms of tinnitus?

Take action and get our folder on "Help & advice on managing your tinnitus".

Come in for a chat with one of our hearing care specialists and let's find out how we can help you get relief from your tinnitus.
You say it better than we can...

As one satisfied customer put it...
"Have found Bloom to be a professional organisation who listen in detail to their clients and provide professional and honest advice.

Having been through the NHS with a tinnitus condition without satisfaction. Bloom worked with me in a concise step by step manner proving there is successful treatment out there.

Benefited immensely from their free product trial which lead me to seeing a real benefit to my health over time.

Have now purchased an hearing aid which has nullified most of the tinnitus effects completely and improved my sleep a great deal, found have been able to take a power nap in the day which was previously impossible.

Bloom have a goal to improve your health, they are not focused on selling, it was more a case of me wanting to buy.

Would recommend these professionals to anyone and most certainly tinnitus suffers who have been left down elsewhere.

Would also add their product knowledge is second to none and service and dedication unmatched."

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