Hearing aid warranties and aftercare

With our hearing aid warranties and aftercare you will continue hearing better with bloom

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Hearing aid warranty

All new hearing aids supplied by bloom hearing carry a four year manufacturer's warranty. It covers you for repairs in the unlikely event of mechanical breakdown or component fault, including labour costs.

Unfortunately our four year warranties do not cover loss, theft or damage therefore we recommend looking into covering it on a home and contents insurance.

We offer, and recommend you take advantage of, regular hearing aid servicing. Free of charge.

You will be sent timely reminders when the warranty is due to expire and we can schedule either in-branch or home appointments for servicing.

High quality aftercare courtesy of bloom hearing
This is available free and for life, even if your hearing aids are out of warranty.  

Aftercare covers regular servicing and unlimited appointments with your dedicated Hearing Aid Audiologist as and when you need it.  

We also re-assess your hearing periodically to ensure that your hearing aids still address your hearing loss unaided.

If required, we re-calibrate them free of charge.
Our repair or replace service
Here at bloom, we have a Repair or Replacement Service so that you can always have access to the best hearing aids and specialists that are experts in hearing aid audiology.

We know that hearing aids need maintenance and servicing and how inconvenient this can be. This is why we endeavour to get your hearing aid repaired and will replace them for you if necessary. 

We also repair all makes of hearing aids. 

Call us today on 0800 612 7978 for more information about repairs with bloom hearing specialists.