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Hearing Care at Home or a local branch. You choose.

You make an appointment to be seen at home or in a local branch. Either way, no charge.

Appointments are free - at our place or yours

For a list of our branches Find a Branch, here.

If you prefer - especially if you have difficulties getting to a local bloom™ hearing branch - request a home appointment. More here...

When other hearing companies and public services are cutting back on domicilliary healthcare, bloom™ are extending their service for new and existing customers.

Furthermore, bloom™ hearing care at home is free, where others may even charge.

Finally...IF YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HEARING CARE before we see you, please complete the Form BELOW.

Do you simply have blocked ears?
call if you CANNOT HEAR SO WELL - OR IF YOUR hearing aids are not working - DUE TO WAX. EVEN IF YOU BOUGHT ELSEWHERE.

Hearing aid batteries

Made for bloom™ hearing by Rayovac - the best you can buy for the price. BUY ONLINE.
Immediate restored hearing
with some models we can fit you with hearing aids on the day straight after the hearing test - and for the two-week free trial

FREE hearing information 

Request a free hearing aid guide, how to keep your hearing "fit", and learn about your NHS and private options for better hearing.