Enjoy the sound of your grandchildren's laughter this summer! If you've noticed that you can't hear their laughter as clearly as you used to then talk to us and find out how we can help you hear better again.

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"When we wear hearing aids for the first time, the experience of the sudden increase is sound may be over-whelming for some. You may have suffered with a hearing loss for a long time, and have adapted to the quiet and not being able to hear all the sounds around you. But when you first wear your hearing aids, your mind and hearing is suddenly opened to a wealth and depth of new sounds.

To help you adapt to this new sound experience, Widex offer Acclimatisation, a method where the hearing aid will, over time, automatically and gradually increase the level of sound with you, to ensure that your hearing aids work with you to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition to better hearing."

Jason Searle 
bloom hearing Audiologist 


When a customer starts their hearing journey with bloom we are with them every step of the way, now and in the future. We believe that hearing is a journey and we grow with our customers changing lifestyle and needs. We specialise in tailored support to meet individual needs because we appreciate that everyone is different.

We believe that no one creates better hearing solutions than our customer. With our team of experts and a wide range of hearing aid styles and technologies, we want to help you take control of your hearing and start living life to the full again. Watch Annette's story

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