Automatically hear what's important, in style

Being slim and elegant it is the most classy and stylish hearing aids.


Award winning design, now with Motion Core technology - practical and easy-to-use.

  • Automatically adapt to your sound situation
  • Innovative design that is practical and easy-to-use
  • Portable charging case with three full charges on-the-go

  • So you can rely on Rexton.

    Have you forgotten what it is like hearing clearly?

    When you trust your senses to keep you safe and sound – hearing clearly means so much to all of us.

    If you lost the ability many years ago you may have forgotten the importance of clear sound and how it makes you feel. It is a truly wonderful sense.

    M-CORE SR hearing aids use proven Motion Core technology to ensure you can always hear what’s important to you.

    Imagine you are busy at work

    You are busy at work talking intensely with pupil or a colleague, behind you a few people are playing a bit of music, next to you somebody is tapping their pencil on the table and people are walking in and out of the door - and you will be able to hear exactly where every single sound is coming from being part of what is going on around you but still concentrating on the conversation you are having - this is what hearing aids are also about!

    Ultra convenient charging on-the-go

    Stylish discreet charging case

    Up to 4 days on-the-go with our wireless charging case in your pocket.

    M-Core SR hearing aids feature rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for hassle-free power. The M-Core SR  portable pocket size charging case enables on-the-go top-ups, for up to 4 days of use – so you can even easily enjoy a relaxed weekend trip without needing a power socket.

    Choose from 5 distinct colour combination

    Come to one of our stores and see and feel the small well designed discrete charging case and try on the slim hearing aids

    Rexton - build to last

    Rexton M-CORE hearing aids are built using robust components and tested extensively to ensure they can withstand whatever life throws at them. They are durable enough to withstand everyday challenges and harsh environments.