Download information about hearing aids and hearing care

Many people like to read up about hearing before they contact us.

Our printed and downloadable brochures and leaflets explain things in simple language. (See below)

To discover the secrets of better hearing, first please provide some details below. Your details will not be shared.

About hearing aids

The bloom guide to better hearing is essential reading if you are considering your first purchase. Contents include:

  • How we hear
  • Causes of hearing loss
  • How hearing loss affects you and others
  • About hearing aids
  • Recognising the signs of hearing loss

About bloom

This leaflet explains what sets bloom hearing specialists apart from other providers of hearing healthcare. Key services include:

  • Free, comprehensive hearing assessments
  • Free home visits
  • Free 2 week trial before deciding to buy1
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Free aftercare for life2

1 available on most models and fittings
2 for the lifetime of the hearing aids

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