60 Day Money Back Guarantee on Widex EVOKE 

We’re so confident that you’ll love your EVOKE whether you’re out enjoying nature, playing with the grandkids or out and about that we promise to give you your money back if you’re not satisfied!

Love EVOKE, or your money back

To find out more about our money back guarantee, complete the form below and we will call you within 24 hours to arrange an appointment with a hearing specialist.

The hearing aid that improves over time

It’s not very often that you can buy any product, much less a hearing aid, that keeps on getting better. EVOKE is the first ever hearing aid that keeps on learning, adjusts to your personal preferences and continuously improves. In fact, the more you use them the better they get because:

    1. EVOKE™ remembers all the volume changes you make and intelligently applies them to similar situations – even if you’re in a totally new environment
    2. EVOKE™ knows the difference between classical music and pop music. How a meeting sounds different from a party
    3. EVOKE has 33% faster processing than any other hearing aid with the most advanced sound recognition system
    4. And if you don’t want to do a thing? EVOKE™ automatically adjusts to your real-life needs and your real-life environment 

Lifelike sound comes naturally

In the world of audiology, every sound has its own “recipe.” And the more lifelike the sound, the easier it is to hear. That’s why we’ve given EVOKE the most natural sound you can get from a hearing aid.

You might want to hear metal at a rock concert – but not metallic sound in your hearing aid. Experience the difference in quality for yourself.

This hearing aid never forgets

EVOKE never forgets – but since this hearing aid is so intelligent, you might forget you’re wearing it.

Because of its built-in SoundSense Adapt technology, it remembers all changes you make and intelligently applies them to similar situations – even if you’re in a totally new environment.

This smart hearing aid is just . . . well . . . smart.

Ed prefers to be off the grid. But no matter where he is, he wants to control his hearing aid intuitively – and have it work automatically. See why.

Anna doesn’t want to miss a moment of her granddaughter’s chattering. Or all the other things that give her life meaning. Here’s why she uses EVOKE.

Busy days turn into busy nights for Carl, who loves great food and great music. After having tried lots of hearing aids, he’s finally happy. Hear more.