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I can try hearing aids on trial first before buying unlike other hearing care specialists who make you buy first...
Also take time to listen and try and tune and tweak... until right.
Mrs C, Hexham
Havingbeen through the NHS with a tinnitus condition without satisfaction, bloom worked with me in a concise step by step manner proving there is successful treatment out there.
Benefited immensely from their free product trial which lead me seeing a real benefit to my health over time.
Have now purchased a hearing aid which has nullified most of the tinnitus effects completely and improved my sleep a great deal.
Would recommend these professionals to anyone and most certainly tinnitus sufferers who have been let down elsewhere.
Mr B, Nottingham
Your audiologist was on time to see me at my house, was very friendly and completely thorough and knowledgeable, answering all my questions and was not restricted by time.
At the end of all the tests he explained the price structure clearly and his reasons for recommending the WIDEX UNIQUE 110 which I eventually purchased and an added bonus was that he was able to supply me with the two hearing aids there and then, programming them whilst he was with me.
He explained the warranty provisions andthe extent of his local "back up" for the next two weeks together with the 60 day "trial/return" period if circumstances warranted this.
Altogether, even less than 24 hours after his visit I am pleased with the result and look forward to a "normal" life again as far as conversations, etc. are concerned.
Mr V, Sheffield