Nearly invisible hearing aids

Will people notice your aids? Today's hearing aids are so tiny and discreet that you hardly see them.

Discover the ideal hidden hearing solutions - with the UNIQUE™ hearing aid, the DAILY range (perfect for beginners), or the new BEYOND™ - all by Widex.

All warrantied and backed by bloom™ aftercare for life.

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You just won't believe how small they are - and nobody else will ever notice your hearing aids! 

We really do have some of the smallest hearing aids available.

Come and have a look for yourself. Call us.

The latest generations of aids have improved the way you will be able to hear.

New technology in hearing aids now makes it possible to experience true to life sound.

They come with automatic adjustment - from quiet to noisy listening situations.

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Hearing aids have become even smaller with the most advanced features packed into a tiny space.

Coping with noise in the background allows you to follow conversations in your car, at a restaurant or windy places

Indoors you can enjoy the natural rich sound of your TV or music.

Thanks to a new leap in technology even battery life is now so much longer.

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New and improved hearing aids makes it so much easier to obtain natural hearing.

You can get powerful aids for your severe hearing loss which are still small and comfortable - and with long battery life.

New technology will improve the way your hearing aids will enhance your hearing.

Come in for a chat and let us talk about what's new on the market.

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Laura's old hearing aids didn't live up to her expectations - but her new ones did!

Suddenly she could hear the difference between the beginning of a bird's chirp and the end - something she had not come close to experiencing with her previous hearing aids.